• Sundarbans World's Largest Mangrove Forest (Photo: Nazmush Shams)
  • National Parliament House Unique architecture by Louis Kahn (Photo: Atique Rony)
  • Cox's Bazar Beach World's Longest Beach (Photo: Royal Tours)
  • Jamuna Amusement Park Best place for fun and adventure (Photo: Rahman Saad)
  • Bangladesh National Zoo The largest zoo of Bangladesh (Photo: Rafaat Pronoy)
  • Bangladesh National Museum History and culture of Bangladesh preserved! (Photo: M R Oni)
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Tourist Places in Bangladesh

Find the most popular tourist places in Bangladesh from all top destinations. There's around 1,000 tourist attractions in various districts of Bangladesh. The major regions in Bangladesh with top travel destinations are Dhaka Division, Chittagong Division, Sylhet Division, Khulna Division and Rangpur Division. And the major districts are Dhaka, Chittagong, Cox's Bazar, Sylhet and Bandarban.

Bangladesh is a colorful South Asian country, which is known for its historical monuments, dense forests, tribal culture, and adventure sports such as water skiing, rowing, yachting, hiking, and river cruising. The nation became independent in the year 1971 when it was liberated from Pakistan. 

Bangladesh is known for its Dhaka Muslin, which is world famous and is considered the finest of its kind. 

Bangladesh is a must visit for tourists and travelers who wish to revel in the beauty of pristine natural forests and a rich historic heritage and culture. The country has several architectural masterpieces and is recognized the world over for its amazing tribal culture. 

It is generally argued that the winter season from October to February is the best time to visit Bangladesh since this is when the weather is dry. It gets pretty hot during the summers- May, June, and July.

One of the major attractions of Bangladesh is the Cox's Bazar Beach, which is also considered the longest unbroken natural beach in the world, stretching over a length of about 125 km. The Sunderbans are the world's largest mangrove forests and are home to the Royal Bengal Tiger. It is here that the freshwater rivers mix with the saltwater of the Bay of Bengal, resulting in an extremely biodiverse region. The Ahsan Manzil is the former residence of the Nawabs of Dhaka and is now a museum situated on the bank of river Buriganga. There are also situated significant archaeological sites in the country, which include Somapura Vihara, Mahasthangarh, etc. The Lalbagh Fort is a Mughal Palace built by Muhammad Azam Shah in 1678 A.D. and is considered an important tourist destination.

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