Baikka Beel Wetland Sanctuary


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Baikka Beel Wetland Sanctuary is one of the most notable fisheries sanctuaries in Bangladesh. It is located at Srimangal in Moulvibazar district. The area of this wetland is about 100 hectares.

The eastern side of the Beel is preserved as the fisheries indigenous home from 2003. As a result, the reservoir is full of fish resources now. There are also various kinds of snakes, frogs and aquatic plants and with different species of fish found here.

According to the statistic of 2011, 203 bird species were identified in the Baikka Beel, which included 153 species of migratory birds and 50 species of permanent birds. The number of birds has increased a lot over the years after the declaration of the Baiakka Bill as a Wetland Sanctuary.

There has not a good communication system in this Beel. So, to enjoy the beauty of Baikka Beel and to reach the center of it, tourists have to walk and take boat rides which are a bit difficult.

Thousands of water lily and lotus are found on the edge of the Beel in winter. This wetland sanctuary is one of the most favorite and enjoyable places in Bangladesh among the nature lovers.

Various kind of migratory birds come here in the winter season every year. There is an observation tower here to see the migratory birds in winter. Watching the whole sanctuary from the watchtower is a very popular activity for the tourists. They forget all of their sufferings when they enjoy the magnificent beauty of Baikka Beel.

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