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    Arif Billah Ifti
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Kakrail Mosque is well-known to the Muslims in the country for various reasons. This large mosque is situated near Ramna Park at Kakrail in Dhaka. It is the main Tablig Markaz (the center of Tablig Jamaat) in Bangladesh. In 1952, this mosque was established as the main Tablig Markaz. The old name of the mosque was Malwali Mosque.

Many people believe that this mosque has been established almost 300 years ago. An honorable person of the Nawab families established the mosque. The mosque was built in the form of other buildings of the Nawabs. There was a small pond in front of the mosque.

Under the supervision of Engineer Late Mr. Haji Abdul Mukit, the reconstruction of this three storied mosque was begun in the 60s. The mosque has a little aesthetic and attractive design from the other mosques. The mosque has a triangle shaped design. The pillars are square shaped. The wall on the west side of the mosque is designed like the waves. There are also three wide verandas on the three sides of the mosque.

The structure of the mosque is different from the other mosques in the country. The outer structure of this mosque is excellent, but there is no such charm in it. Although there is a global identity as the Tablig Markaz (main center), the mosque is very simple in shape. It doesn’t have a high tower. There is no four-way microphone on the top of the tower like all the other mosques. There are not any air-condition or expensive fans in this mosque. It has no soft carpets, chandeliers and no luxury at all.

The biggest exception to this mosque is that there is no door in it. It is open for everyone for the day and night. For such other reasons, this mosque is an exception to other mosques.

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