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  • Mahasthangarh
    on 30/07/2019

    Visited this place back in 1997. It seemed to be an overcrowded place at that time.

  • Sompur Mahavihara
    on 30/07/2019

    This is one of the major attractions in North Bengal. There's a museum on-site as well.

  • Foy's Lake
    on 17/07/2019

    I visited Foy's Lake back in 1997. It is one of the best places in Chittagong city to enjoy the beauty of mother nature.

  • Sundarbans
    on 17/07/2019

    I along with some of my friends visited Sundarbans back in 2002. We hired an engine-boat from Mongla port and went deep inside the forest. The natural view was breathtaking. We spent the whole day roaming through the Canals of Sundarbans and came back in the evening.

  • Idrakpur Fort
    on 10/12/2018

    I used to live in Munshiganj during 1986-1989 when I was a kid. At that time the residential bangalow of DC was on top of this fort. Visited this place several times on various occasions. Thought of the fort at night used to give me goosebumps. Some of its floors went underground, and rest of the visible area was covered by bushes and trees. It looked like a haunted place to me. However, I realize its immense archaeological value now. I hope that the government took necessary steps to preserve this fort.

  • Bangladesh National Museum

    This is the biggest museum I have visited so far in Bangladesh. It has a huge collection of artifacts. However, I visited the museum when I was a kid. A good place to learn about the history and heritage of Bangladesh and the sub continent.

  • Alutila Cave
    on 19/05/2017
    Alutila Cave

    It's a different experience! Don't miss it if you visit Khagrachhari.

  • Laboni Beach
    on 19/05/2017
    Laboni Beach

    This is the main beach area of Cox's Bazar. This is commonly known as Cox's Bazar Beach, the famous longest unbroken beach in the world. I visited this place back in 2008 last time. I always like the view of big photographic waves from this beach. This is one of the major tourist attractions of Bangladesh. I hope the government will take necessary steps to make this place cleaner and more secured.

  • Kuakata Sea Beach
    on 15/05/2017

    This is the only beach in Bangladesh from where you can watch both sunrise and sunset on the sea. I visited this place back in 2003. Although a great tourist spot, I believe this place needs more maintenance.

  • Central Shaheed Minar
    on 05/05/2017

    It is a great monument for every Bangladeshi. It stands for the martyrs of language movement for the right of Bengali language, and is built on the same place where many students were martyred on 21st February 1952. I visited this place last time on 21st February 2002. It was over crowded, and tuff to have a proper view of the monument. If you want to have a good experience, I would suggest you to avoid February and visit this monument some other times of the year.

  • This huge monument stands tall to acknowledge the ultimate sacrifices made by our heroes during the independence war in 1971. I visited the place couple of times, the first time during 1987. I was a kid, and the experience was awesome!

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