Thakurgaon Sugar Mill

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Thakurgaon Sugar Mill is the only heavy industrial establishment located in Thakurgaon district. This industrial complex is situated on the main road of sadar upazila of Thakurgaon district of Rangpur division in Bangladesh. In 1956 the construction work of this industrial complex was started and completed in 1958 and it has been producing sugar since 1958-59. After independence, in 1972, the government of Bangladesh declared the mill as a state-owned organization. The complex includes high school, rest house, officers club, medical center etc. It is a large area having many trees and green environment everywhere. Every day many people come here to pass their leisure time in a green environment.

During the establishment, the mill had the capacity to crush daily 1,016 metric tons of sugarcane and annual sugar production capacity was 10,160 metric tons. But in the subsequent 1966-67 season, the sugarcane crushing capacity had been increased by 1,524 metric tons and the capacity of produced sugar was 15,247 metric tons annually.

The producing system of sugar is also a great attraction to the visitors. Most of the visitors come here to see with their own eyes how the sugarcane are being processed and sugar is being produced. As well as the vast green area of the sugar mill attracts people to pay a visit here. 

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