Ali Amjad's Clock

Kazir Bazar Road
Sylhet - 3100

Type: Landmark
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    Arham Latif
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    Abdullah Al Amran

Ali Amjad's Clock is a historic monument in Sylhet. Built in the nineteenth century, this clock is located in Chandni ghat beside the Keen Bridge. It is a large clock erected on the top of a house. This historic monument of Sylhet is now in a dead-lock condition due to lack of proper maintenance. However it is still a great attraction for the tourists visiting Sylhet.

The clock was made in 1874 when Mr. North Brook, the then Governor of North America visited Sylhet. This clock was made by Ali Amjad's estate fund to honor him. Therefore the clock is known as Ali Amjad's Clock.

The clock's diameter is two and a half feet and the clock hands are about two feet long. When there was no clock in this region, people used to guess the time according to the position of the sun. So the construction of the clock was very useful for the people of that time. During that time, people used to work according to the time of the clock at the entrance of the city. The clock bell could be heard from far beyond the city.

During the War of Liberation in 1971, this ancient Clock house was destroyed by the Pakistan army. After independence, Sylhet municipality reactivated the clock by repairing, but soon after the clock was stopped. In 1987 it was repaired and restored again. Since then the clock has been repaired and modified many times. And lastly, in 2011, Sylhet City Corporation repaired the clock again and it is now functioning properly. This is a must visit monument in Sylhet for the tourists interested in history.

Besides this landmark, there are five more landmarks listed in Sylhet. There's also fifteen attractions listed in this district in other categories. You will find the exact location of Ali Amjad's Clock on the map above.

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