Hakaluki Haor

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  • Nazat Hossain
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Hakaluki Haor is the biggest Haor in Bangladesh. It is located at Moulvibazar district in Sylhet division. The total area of this haor is about 20,400 hectares. There are 236 beels (water bodies) in the Hakaluki Haor. These beels are full of different species of fish and aquatic creatures.

The haor becomes brimful in the rainy season. This season is perfect for boat riding and full moon watching. But in the winter the beauty of the haor increases much. A Huge number of migratory birds come from neighboring countries in this place at this time. The arrival of these migratory birds makes the haor like a paradise.

In the winter season, about 25 species of duck and migratory birds come from Siberia to this haor area. About 100 species of local birds also join with them in this season. Many species of ducks are found here such as Rajsarali, Garada matha swan, Chakha chakhi, Dhalabale duck, Gadoyal, Eurasian Sethhans, Tikhihans, Dhaighas and many others. The native species of duck include Purple Kalim, Panamursi, Patikut, Dahuk, Urasean Chicken Chaga, Ranga chaga, Zlapipi, Mayurleza Pipi, Patti Jiriya, Hattiti, Bhubon chil, Shankha chil, Kural Eagle etc. Different types of fishes are found in the haor throughout the year such as Aair, Chital, Baaush, Pabda, Magur, Shing, Kai and many others.

The best time to visit the Hakaluki Haor is the winter. Thousands of nature lovers from the different parts of the world visit this haor to see the migratory birds. November to February is considered to be the best time to visit the Haor. During this time, a lot of fish is caught by the local fishermen. Hakaluki haor has recently become one of the best tourist attractions in Bangladesh. 

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