Ghora Dighi

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  • Syed Sazid Hasan
    Syed Sazid Hasan

It is said that, Khanjahan Ali had dug several tanks besides building 360 mosques in Bagerhat area. Ghora Dighi is one of those tanks. There are different tales about the naming of Ghora Dighi. It has now become one of the most visited tourist attractions of the district.

Saat Gambuj mosque is the most famous architectural landmark in Bagerhat. It is about 6-7 kilometers away from Bagerhat city. In fact, a complex has been made here including Mosque, museum and Ghora Dighi. This huge tank is located on the western border of the complex. Though it is named as Ghora Dighi, many people know it as Shatgambuj dighi. It is the only reserved water tank in Bangladesh.

It is heard that, Khan Jahan Ali measured the tank riding on a horse. When the horse stopped in a spot, he stopped further measuring. From there, its name is Ghora (horse) Dighi. Some people believed that horse race used to take place in this area and a huge number of horses were tied on the banks of the tank. Thus it was named Ghora Dighi.

Khan Jahan Ali came here to spread Islam in this region. There was a big crisis of drinking water in this area on that period. In order to overcome this crisis, he dug this large tank near the mosque as well as near the salty region of the Sundarbans forest. From then the tank became the only reliable source of drinking water for the people in this area. 

A paved lane has been made now on the bank of Ghora Dighi to walk around it which increased its beauty and attraction.

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