Lakshindar Behular Basar Ghar

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    Photo: Khan Tanvir (Wikipedia)
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Lakshindar Behula Basar Ghar is an excavated site in Gokul village of Bogra Sadar Thana. It is also called Gokul Medh. Gokul village is situated half a kilometer south of Mahasthangar. This archaeological site is known to the public as the House of Behula-Laksmindar who were the hero and heroine of the popular Bengali folk song.

This place is also known as Laksmindarer Medh. In Behula's Basar Ghar, 172 chambers were decorated filling with soils from the bottom to the top, so that they could be used as the foundation of a high temple or a stack. The style of architecture is on the basis of this parallel lofted wall with the elevated multi-storied style, which is a significant architectural feature in ancient Bangladesh. Several terracotta plaques of Gupta period (6-7th century) are found in this temple. A square temple with the veranda was built in the Sen period. In this temple, a gold plate inscribed with a small stone fragment engraved with bulls was found. From this, it is assumed that it was a Shiva temple.

Bihullar's Basement is an unimaginable monument. According to current researchers, it is a monument built from 809 to 847 AD by the king Dev Pal. In the east, there is a bathroom similar to a 24 angle shaped. There is a well of 8 feet deep inside the bathroom. It is said that after bathing in the well, Bihula Laksmindar was able to be purified. 

Besides this landmark, there are eleven more landmarks listed in Bogra. There's also four attractions listed in this district in other categories. You will find the exact location of Lakshindar Behular Basar Ghar on the map above.

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