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Chhoto Sona Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Bangladesh. It is located in Shibganj sub-district of Chapainawabganj district in Rajshahi division. It was built between 1493 and 1519.

The mosque is one of the most beautiful landmarks of Gaura and pre-Mughal architectures. During the reign of Sultan Alauddin Husain Shah, a man named Wali Mohammad built the mosque. The outer sides, especially the domes of the mosque were painted in golden color. These golden domes glittered in the sunlight. Therefore it is known as Sona (gold) Mosque.

The mosque is mainly made of brick, which was covered in black (basalt) stones. The exquisite carving on these black stones made the mosque attractive. The inner and outer walls are covered with architectural design on stones. The Mihrab is also decorated with beautiful carvings.

There are 15 domes in the mosque. One of the remarkable features is that only the outer domes are visible among these domes. The mosque has a decorated room separate for women's prayer. It is thought that this room was built for local sultans or officials so they can offer their prayers safely. The entrance of the mosque is stunningly beautiful.

There is a graveyard in front of the entrance of the mosque. Two tombs are particularly noticeable in that graveyard. It is believed that these two tombs belong to Wali Mohammed and his wife.

Besides this landmark, there are eight more landmarks listed in Chapainawabganj. There's also four attractions listed in this district in other categories. You will find the exact location of Choto Sona Mosque on the map above.

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